Monday, June 25, 2007


Students in the Voices of the Sixties course at Lebanon High School recently embarked on an incredibly powerful project researching the stories of eight Lebanon men who were killed in the Vietnam War. As they scoured through local newspapers and class yearbooks for information on these men, they became increasingly invested in their work. As the project progressed, students were challenged to decide how to tell the stories they uncovered; each small group of students carefully planned and storyboarded their final product, a digital story about their soldier.

Students planned the details of the public showing of their films, inviting family and friends, community members,
veterans, and the people involved with the stories they created. Their hard work caught the attention of local newspapers who published feature stories about the project a few days before the public presentation. On May 30th in the high school auditorium, students presented their movies to the community. A packed auditorium awaited the students as they shared their movies and the letters they wrote to their fallen soldiers.

We would like to share those stories with you through this blog. Please feel free to navigate around, watch and listen to the stories of these men as shared through the eyes of our students.